Successful Stakeholder Management – 1 day workshop

Successful Stakeholder Management – 1 day workshop

Perth Q3 2012

“The Successful Stakeholder Management Workshop offers the participants knowledge and tools necessary to identify, prioritise, visualise, engage and monitor stakeholders to ensure successful project outcomes.”

Successful Stakeholder Management
1 day workshop – Q3 2012

Stakeholder Management is an essential, yet often overlooked element of project management that can prove the difference between a quality project completed on time, on budget and to specification and a project that fails to deliver on any of its promises.

How do you identify the right stakeholders? How do you build a relationship that adds a measurable layer of quality to your final result and how do you build a supportive coalition that supports you rather than blocks you every step of the way.

This workshop will provide your organisation with access to the tools, skills and confidence you need to build respectful, constructive and successful relationships with your most influential stakeholders.

Through our relationship with Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd, Grover Projects offer tailored workshops delivered by highly skilled and experienced Stakeholder Management experts using the proprietary Stakeholder Circle® methodology, developed by Dr Lynda Bourne, a world renowned expert in the field of stakeholder management.

David Martin, Principal Consultant Stakeholder Management at Grover Projects Pty Ltd
David is a communications and stakeholder management professional with almost 20 years’ experience in stakeholder management over a range of projects, initiatives, issues and change programs across a range of industries. David leads a group of stakeholder professionals who provide advice and service as part of client’s team or as strategic consultants.

Harsh Grover, Director at Grover Projects Pty Ltd
Harsh leads the Grover Projects team and has a wealth of experience and expertise in stakeholder management, strategic planning, project development, project execution, training, coaching and mentoring. Harsh has worked in Operations and Project Management since the early eighties. With a passion for training and coaching in project management, contract management and stakeholder management, Harsh is an innovative leader with strong team dynamics, strategic thinking and resource optimisation skills.